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Photo Restoration with a BIG problem!
Posted 11 February 2022

My latest photo colouring project came with a BIG problem - the original photograph was not only framed but measured 20" x 27" (slightly smaller than A1), far too big for my A4 scanner and also too big for any of the printing companies the customer had contacted.

In order to get a digital copy that I could work on the first thing I had to do was try and get as good a photograph of it as possible. This involved laying the piece on the floor with my camera suspended (carefully) over it at 90° and, using a 50mm 1.8 prime lens at 50 ISO, took a long exposure under ambient light (to avoid any glare) to capture as much detail as possible.

The final digital file will allow the customer to get a print all the way up to A0 size - slightly larger than the original.

If you have an old photo which you would like restoring, either with or without colour, please get in touch.

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