Newborn & Baby Photography

You are just home from the hospital (or perhaps you had a home birth) with your tiny baby and enjoying getting to know this new person, but you know these moments won’t last long and in a matter of weeks your precious bundle will no longer be a newborn.

You want to capture these moments forever and going out a few days after birth might not be an option. Some families need time at home with baby to recover, relax and get used to this new way of life and the thought of getting yourself ready to leave the house - let alone with a newborn and a bag full of clothes, nappies, bottles and all the other associated items a newborn needs - frankly leaves you cold. The last thing you want is the stress of visiting a photographer's studio where you have a limited time slot to get the photographs you'll love.

But what if the photographer was willing to do the session in the comfort of your own home? Think of all the stress, not to mention time, that would save!

When you are relaxed, so is baby and looking at the pictures afterwards you would never be able to tell that they weren’t taken at a studio.

Being at home also gives you the opportunity to capture those intimate lifestyle shots of parent and baby that maybe you'd feel uncomfortable doing in a studio.

With my portable equipment I can travel anywhere and create a professional studio set up for your photographs in the comfortable and peaceful environment of your own home.

Better still, anything you might need is right there at your fingertips; whether baby needs to be nursed or changed, mom or dad need a snack, this newborn session is relaxing, fun and stress free.

There are so many benefits to having your newborn session at home and there is nothing you will sacrifice; you can grab a bite to eat, catch up on your to do list or just relax and watch, all while I capture those precious first memories before they're gone!

The sessions are also not limited to baby, anyone can join in; mum, dad, siblings, grandparents - even the family pet - the flexibility and choice is yours.

Each Newborn and Babies Photo Session includes:

  • A full 'studio' set-up in your home with baby-friendly lighting and backdrops which can be adapted to suit your baby's mood on the day.
  • A 90-120 minute relaxed and fun photo shoot (however this is not fixed and can go over if required)
  • My time spent selecting the best images from your session and digitally perfecting each individual image.
  • A private online gallery of the best images for you to make your selections. (A minimum of 30 images which will be available for 30 days.)

Within 2-3 days all the images from your photo shoot will be available online where you can view, select and purchase your favourite images as digital files - giving you complete flexibility to print off, share online and enjoy them on all your mobile devices - as well as physical prints or as a printed book.

You are not obliged to purchase any files or physical prints .

I only carry out 1 or 2 photo sessions in any one day so your photo shoot will never be hurried to make way for another booking - if additional time is required to 'get the shot' this isn't a problem. For current session availability please call 01709 561011 or alternatively complete the short CONTACT FORM and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Newborn and Baby Photography
Newborn and Baby Photography
Newborn and Baby Photography
Newborn and Baby Photography
Newborn and Baby Photography
Newborn and Baby Photography
Newborn and Baby Photography
Newborn and Baby Photography
Newborn and Baby Photography