Photograph Correction

Have you ever taken the perfect photograph - perfect, that is, if it didn't contain people, vehicles, signage, litter etc? Or maybe it is a little over/under exposed, or the colour isn't how you remembered it?

Thanks to programmes such as Lightroom and Photoshop these problems are a thing of the past, but then the question is 'How do I...?', not to mention the considerable cost of purchasing the software for what may only be used a few times.

If you have photo editing software, there is an abundance of videos on YouTube which will guide you through the process of editing your photographs.

If not, or you don't have the time/confidence to do it yourself, I offer the full range of photo editing solutions such as exposure correction, colour correction, object removal, cropping, colour profile/DPI setting etc to provide you with print ready files.

I can also breath new life into old photographs that may be faded or ripped and again convert these to print ready digital files.

Prices depend on the condition of the original photograph/digital file but start from £5 per image.

For more information please call 01709 561011 or alternatively complete the short CONTACT FORM with your name and telephone number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

[Use the sliders to view the before and after images.]