Composite Photography

A composite photograph is simply an image that has been constructed from two or more different photos.

In the examples below, this process has been used to create fantasy images by layering a purposely-shot photograph over a background image and then adding further elements and effects, although compositing has an endless variety of uses and can result in photographs that look 'real' or ones that look intentionally 'surreal'.

Often, the final composite image places objects or living things in unlikely (or impossible) combinations - sometimes, the scene depicted is plausible, but would be too difficult to capture in a candid moment whilst at other times, composite images are used to blend several still shots of landscapes and cityscapes to make use of the best lighting, combining them to make a stunning but technically impossible photo.

For custom composites such as the ones below, my prices range from £85 to £145 depending on whether I am working from your own photograph/s, whether a specific photo shoot is required and whether you require the finished image as a print or digital file.

Alternatively you can have your child placed into one of my prepared backgrounds, such as the Fairy Toadstool below, for just £69.95* including a mini-photo shoot at your home (or £49.95** if you supply your own image in digital format, guidelines provided). Certain parts may also be customised (e.g. the colour of the wings). Background options available on request.

For composites where less editing work is required prices are available on request.

[Use the sliders to view the before and after images.]

* Price includes a half-hour photo shoot at a location of your choice within a 7 mile radius of S61 2BP and a 12" x 10" print of the finished image and delivery. Locations outside this area are charged at £1 per mile over 7 miles. Additional prints/sizes can be purchased but are not compulsory.

** Price includes a 12" x 10" print of the finished image and delivery. Additional prints/sizes can be purchased but are not compulsory.

To discuss your image requirements please call 01709 561011 or alternatively complete the short CONTACT FORM with your name and telephone number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.